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Quality products and services

We emphasize quality in all the products we have available.  Our dry goods are brand name only and represent the top manufacturers.  Our meat is exceptional and is a primary reason customers continue to reorder from us year in and year out.  It is not unusual for someone, who has had a meal prepared by one of our customers, to call us and ask how they can get the same meat.

What could be more convenient than having groceries packed for you and delivered right to your door?  That is such a welcome change for people with busy lives.  Cutting in half the frequency of visits to the grocery store is something our customers are thankful for.  Using the time saved for more important things is what convenience is all about.


Knowing that there is a professional and dedicated customer service department to address any issues, is comforting.  We have, from our inception, believed that taking care of our customers would be the key to growth.  Comfort also comes from knowing that the quality of food one is serving their family is second to none. 


We would love to add you to our family.  Please enjoy our website.  We hope you find it informative.  You are welcome to contact us with questions, requests or observations.  (Please go to the ‘Contact Us’ page to get in touch with us and be sure to ask about our complimentary bonus package).


We hope you decide to take a peek and discover for yourself what we have to offer and how we can benefit your family.


Aging Process

Our Steaks Are Aged To Perfection For 45 Days

There's nothing better than a juicy, flavourful, melt-in-your mouth, perfectly grilled steak that cuts like a “hot knife through butter”.  There is much to be said about the quality of our meat and the specifications, which offers steak lovers the flavours and taste which make for a great steak.

The aging process begins in a strictly controlled temperature and humidity level, where beef ages for 45 days.  During aging, two things take place. First, the additional aging time allows the breakdown of fibrous tissues and second, the monitored atmosphere causes evaporation, meaning the meat loses its moisture. As moisture decreases and the meat consequently shrinks, the remaining flavour intensifies. This creates a greater concentration of beef flavour and taste.

We Take Beef Seriously

 Due to our high volume of beef orders, we are able to provide you, our customer, with the highest aged quality without the usual aged price.  Combining that with the comfort of knowing our beef is Alberta AAA, provides an unbeatable combination of quality and value.  At Canadian Home Grocers, we take our beef seriously.  Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Free Range Chicken Farm

What our Chickens are fed

The main ingredient of all chicken feed is grains and grain by-products, protein-producing seeds, and meal made from seeds such as canola or soybean. In this sense all our chicken is "Grain Fed". Vitamins, minerals and other protein sources are added to improve the nutritional content of the feed as well as to prevent nutritional deficiencies. It's important to note that there are no hormones in chicken feed. In Canada, the use of hormones and steroids in chicken feed has been banned since the 1960s.


How They Are Raised

The chickens are not kept in cages, but roam freely on floors covered with soft, dry bedding.  They are kept in climate-controlled barns to protect against the heat in summer, the cold in winter, as well as predators and disease.  The result is tasty, more flavourful and nutritionally superior chicken with less fat than regular chicken. It also provides juicy, tender, meat quality (no shrinkage during cooking) and health benefits for you and your family.


Chicken Lovers

An absolute favourite with customers is our boneless, skinless chicken breast.  You just can’t beat the combination of succulent taste, texture and juiciness that comes with every breast.  Another very popular item is our white meat chicken fingers and nuggets.  One bite and you’ll say good-bye to fast food chicken forever.  With our help, you will have entered chicken heaven.      

Raw Sausages

Pork Raised without Antibiotics

Our pork comes from pigs raised without antibiotics through every stage of farming. Instead of animal meal or animal fat, the pigs are raised exclusively on corn, soybean meal, wheat, bread flour, peas and extruded soybeans, plus dietary supplements including vitamins and minerals. This strict standard guarantees that our pork has uniform colour and marbling.  The resulting succulent flavour, tenderness and juiciness come from all natural pork being humanely raised on small family farms.


Good For You

Raising pork without antibiotics is better for your health because it minimizes the unnecessary exposure of bacteria to antibiotics. Conventional farming methods rely frequently on use of the same antibiotics given to people. The more antibiotics used, the greater the risk of developing resistant bacteria, which is bad for human health.


You Will Love Our Pork

From Honey Garlic Sausages to Black Forest Ham, Butterfly Pork Chops and Boneless Loin Roast, you will experience Pork in a whole new way.  With an extensive variety of products, ordering options and customization, you  willget exactly what you want, the way you want it.  However you choose to prepare your pork, it will yield a juicy and satisfying result.

Image by Haithem Ferdi

Dry Goods

Campbell Soup.jpg

Canadian Home Grocers carries a full range of brand name dry goods at discounted prices.  By buying direct and delivering straight to our customers, we eliminate all the expenses associated with retail grocery stores.  That enables us to sell brand name products at or below no name prices.

Every dollar you put back into your pocket, from the dollars you are currently spending at the grocery store, is a dollar earned.....and that’s a good thing. 

What we do is very Simple and Convenient


Bring you a complimentary NY Striploin steak and Boneless. Chicken Breast sample. Explain how our service works and answer your questions.

Assist you in customizing your order.

Finally Deliver your groceries.


What you get:


Brand name groceries at No Name prices.

Five Star Restaurant quality meat.

Order exactly what you want in the quantities you need.

Delivery at no charge.

Quality assurance guarantee.

12 month price freeze.

Reorder bonus.

Industry leading customer support.

frozen vegetables

Frozen Vegetables and Fruit

Vegetables & Fruits chosen for freezing are processed at their peak ripeness, a time when, as a general rule, they are most nutrient-packed.  The subsequent flash-freeze locks the vegetables and fruits in a relatively nutrient-rich state.

On the other hand, fresh vegetables and fruits destined to be shipped typically are picked before they are ripe, which gives them less time to develop a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals.  Fresh vegetables and fruit lose 50-80%, depending on which vegetable or fruit, of their nutritional value within 72 hours of harvesting.

Kitchen Heroes

Convenient: already peeled, chopped and blanched always in season-get all your vegetables and fruit year round.

Economical: no throwing out vegetables or fruit decaying in the fridge use only what you need and the rest stays frozen.

Versatile: steam, boil, roast, stir fry or micro-wave


With the variety available, getting your family the vegetables and fruit they need has never been easier or more cost effective.


Our 2 part loyalty program

1 Reorder Bonus
2 12 month price freeze

program applies to our reordering clients

Product Guarantee

Canadian Home Grocers unconditionally guarantees the quality of food supplied with every order.  We guarantee to exchange, package for package, the unused portion of any food product that does not meet your family's satisfaction.

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